Hello Spring

There was a point not so long ago when I didn’t think Spring would ever arrive. It kept raining; the wind was fierce and relentless; we had days of hail, snow, sleet and rain. But despite that we haven’t been entirely unproductive, on the odd mild day we got down to the allotment and slowly things are starting to come together.

We have a new shed, thanks to my lovely Mum and Dad. It’s beautiful, and I can stand up in it without the risk of tetanus. We had a lot of fun ripping the old one down and burning most of it. The new one is in a new position, which has given us a lot more space on the right hand side of the plot.  I also spent a day building a huge raised bed, which I am still ridiculously proud of. The plan was to have two more of those, but the cost to fill them is a bit much at the moment. I’ll get around to making them eventually I’m sure, but my aim at the moment is to stop spending money!

Spring finally started to show it’s face a few weeks ago, my tulips started to bloom, and all of a sudden I feel like I’m running out of time. I’ve started to plant out things that have been taking over my windowsills since February (Doris is happy to get back on there for lookout duty!), and I’ve started sowing things directly. I have peas (sugar ann), beetroot (avalanche and boltardy), carrots (purple haze and romace F1) and chard (bright lights) making an appearance outside, and the greenhouse is home to tomatoes (black opal and red robin), cucumbers (beta alpha), and an aubergine plant picked up during a garden centre shopping spree. A month ago I was certain none of this would ever work, but the unfolding green is filling me with hope for the rest of the year!

A couple of weeks ago I finally sat down and started making a plan of where we were going to put everything. Until then I had a half formed plan in my head that C didn’t know much about, a large box of seeds, and a greenhouse and windowsills full of seedlings. Now The Plan has been committed to paper, and is stuck on the kitchen wall, surely we can’t go wrong?!


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