Back to work

Written on Saturday in a break from the digging…

As I type this I’m sitting on my allotment, a thermos of tea next to me, a cold late winter breeze leaving a chill in the air, enjoying the sun when it breaks from behind the clouds. I’ve got mud on my trousers, in my shoes, and under my finger nails.


For my first 20 minutes here I couldn’t remember the number for the shed padlock. I had to phone C and wake him up to ask what it was. I spent those 20 minutes wondering how this plot will ever look like the ideas I have in my head. But then I finally got in to the shed, got out the tools and started digging.

I’ve lifted the last two rows of potatoes that we thought  we’d lost to blight last year. I don’t know if it’s extremely good luck, or the ridiculously mild winter, but the plants we cut down after just a month of growth have produced a bucket full of potatoes that still seem to be in good condition, though the test will be when we come to eat them. I’m calling that one beginners luck.


The wind is picking up and I think my digging enthusiasm is waning  for the day. I’m also running low on tea, and there’s only so long I can sit here and listen to the posh people on a plot near us tell their kids off for treading on the rhubarb, constantly herding them back to their designated hole digging corner.

We have a lot to do before the plot will look anything like the plan that’s in my head, but we’re getting there slowly.  A new shed is the next big job on the list! Still, at least we have a massive sack of shit to keep us going now…




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