Quite Weeks

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately.  We normally have weekends full of plans – shopping in town, trips to London, visiting family, outings to go on – but the last few weekends have been plan-free and I’ve really been enjoying it.  Weekends have been spent properly relaxing, or if we have been out to do things we’ve just decided on the day what we’re going to do.  And of course, there’s been lots of time on the allotment.

Super soft bunny lace socks are finished! Oh they're so soft and so yummy and so cosy 💙💙

I finished knitting my super-soft bunny lace socks last weekend. My fourth completed knitting project of this year, which is actually pretty good going for me. I’ve not decided what the next one will be yet, but I have decided I need to buy a ball winder before I start it. I’ve also been teaching myself to crochet. I’m still at the wonky-square stage, but getting there slowly.

Potatoes are growing so quickly I swear they double in size every time I go up to the allotment.

The allotment amazes me every time I visit. The potatoes have been growing faster than I ever imagined (let’s just hope there’s something edible under all that green), we can now differentiate between spring onions and grass, lettuce has been thinned out three times now because it just keeps growing, and we harvested our first rainbow chard last Saturday!


It was cooked up with some leeks and mushrooms and went in to a crustless quiche (crustless due to laziness more than anything else). I was so happy to eat my first allotment harvest.


We’re still making plans for the rest of the plot. The greenhouse frame is going, we’re getting a new shed, there’s still lots of stuff to take to the tip, and I need to halve the amount of things I’ve picked out from the seed catalogue. As I type C is up there digging up a patch for us to plant some onions and garlic in. I keep thinking we’ve got loads of time to get prepared for planting next year, but in reality it’s only 2 or 3 months, and I imagine a lot of that will be too cold to do any work, so we need to start getting a move on!


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