An Autumn Morning

I set my alarm for 6am today. A whole 10 minutes later than it would normally go off for me to get up for work, so not exactly a long Saturday morning lay in, but every morning this week I’ve been disappointed I had to go to work rather than go and walk through the mist covered fields and enjoy the cool almost-autumn air.

So I got up, got dressed, tried not to wake C, didn’t bother brushing my hair, pulled on my walking shoes and went out.

Woke up early and walked down to the allotments in the mist. I love this time of year.

I walked to the allotment, and the only sounds were the geese flying over head.  I did a bit of weeding and surveyed my potatoes (I’m amazed how fast the plants are growing!). I had a poke around the plot behind ours, which seems very much abandoned, and crossed my fingers that the council will say yes to our request to take it on and double the size of our plot.

Also discovered my walking shoes are not waterproof and my jeans are too long. Oops.

I realised, as I walked through the long grass, that my walking shoes aren’t waterproof. Neither are my socks, funnily enough. I walked through the fields, and thought it’s funny how unfamiliar somewhere so close to home can feel when it’s seen through a veil of mist.


I walked along the hedge rows and spotted tiny flowers and lots of apples.

Down at the swimming steps.

I said hello to some dogs out for a walk with their humans, then made it to the river and the swimming steps. I made a mental note to bring some food for the ducks next time. I sat on the steps for a while until the sun started to break trough the mist and I could feel it getting warmer, then I got up and walked across the rugby fields towards home whilst thinking how lucky I am to live within walking distance of all of this, and that I should go walking down here more often. And that I really need some waterproof walking boots.


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